Exhibition | "BILIAD"

12 images Created 18 Jan 2021

There is power in the number 12. It is the numerical bridge between the physical and spiritual world. 12 is the number of the cosmic order—12 signs in the Western and Chinese zodiac. 12 is the numerical marker of time and space—two sets of 12 hours makes a day; 12 months create a year, 12 years in Asia complete a cycle.

This exhibition focuses on 12 images representing the bridge between the spiritual and physical realm: From nature’s red earth monuments in the stark deserts landscape to monumental architectural superstructures, these images have been captured across the globe from Asia, the Middle East and my roots in America. They represent my love and awe of spiritual nature and man’s creativity. I hope you will enjoy what the brilliant architecture and earthly shapes show me and allow me to capture in my lens as a photographer.
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